Hartman Heimstytte
A Mulit-Generational Family Farm

Our Mission

Our mission is to honor our past with our future.
Frank and Clara Hartman purchased the 40 acres that Hartman Heimstytte sits on in April of 1916. 
Since then, there have been five generations of Hartman's living and working on this farm!

Who We Are

We are a small, multi-generational, Ohio Century Farm located just outside of Phillipsburg, Ohio.
We currently have 3 generations of Hartman's living and working on the farm. We grow and raise everything as naturally as possible- no antibiotics, no chemicals, no GMO's.

Why Eat Local ?

When you buy local, you are supporting local farmers, boosting your local ecomomy, helping the environment (less transportation and production), and providing you and your family with fresh, healthy, and better tasting foods!

Our Commitment

We are committd to providing the best eggs, meats, and produce for our family and our customers.
Our animals are never given feeds with antibiotics, hormones, or GMO's. They are raised on rotating pastures and given all of the hay and fresh water that they could ever want.